The Ada Lifestyle is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Ada Allison. After graduating from University with a Law degree, Ada decided to pursue her true passions of writing and fashion, thus leading to the conception of this blog in July 2017. Ada is also a freelance writer and beauty contributor to online publications. The Ada lifestyle aims to show that fashion and beauty can be fun and accessible to all and that life should be lived to the fullest. The Ada lifestyle is all about empowering people through clothing expression and embracing the different types of people out there. It’s also about creating memories through our fashion and life choices so that they can be looked back on and either evoke a feeling of pride or ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ There will be no judgment here. Let us come together and create the lifestyle we want for ourselves, sharing laughter, tears and fashion faux pas because that is what The Ada Lifestyle is about.

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