An affordable way to change up your look

Hello Everyone, if you know me, you’ll know that I absolutely love pampering myself and just having a little switch up now and again. I mean, I clearly love it so much that I invite all of you reading to share in my love as well.

The thing with having a bit of a pamper is that it can get quite pricey . You get your eyelashes and nails done, maybe a pedicure as well. Buy some scrubs and masks from Boots and before you know it, you’ve spent £200. That is just not a viable option for me right now (and i’m sure it’s not for many of you as well), especially if I were to change up my look as often as I’d like to .

So, when a fellow blogger told me that I could get stick on nails in Primark for £2 , I was over the moon. The one thing I get the most bored of in my beauty regime is my nails. I love being able to change it up as often as I want and this sort of freedom does not come with getting acrylics or gels done. Meanwhile, with these stick on nails , I can have short painted nails today and spiky , acrylic looking nails the next day, all without breaking the bank. Isn’t that just fabulous?

I decided to get two different packets, I got a set of chrome nails for £1 as they were on sale. If they worked out, they were going to be my nails for notting hill carnival weekend and I am happy to report that they worked out. In the spirit of full disclosure, a couple have fallen off and had to be reglued but this is not a great issue for me. I cannot be certain that this reflects badly on the nails themselves or on my lack of expertise in applying them. I did experiment a bit with the amount of glue I put on each nail to try and see what would work best and i can confirm that more is better. In my opinion, having a couple of £1 nails (which I have replacements for) fall off is eons better than having broken acrylics that you have to go back to the nail shop to fix.

Anyway, on to the second pack of nails. These were gold and marble effect nails and they are sooooo gorgeous. Their beauty is part of the reason I decided to go with the chrome nails first. I didn’t want to mess with the beautiful marble ones. However, now that I’m a ‘pro’ (obvs tongue in cheek), I look forward to a special occasion where I can wear my marble nails. There you have it folks, How to change up your look and feel sassy for the grand total of £3 (hmm, maybe that should have been the title of this post)

Until next time, my beautiful people.

Ciao x 


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