The Pattern Everyone is going dotty for this month

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I thought I’d better go with something lighthearted since the previous post was rather heavy. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. It is a topic that is very dear to me but today we shall be talking all about the pattern that has taken the high street by storm and is sending the whole of Instagram into a frenzy.

Have you guessed it? Yes, it is the polka dot pattern. It is everywhere at the moment and I absolutely love it. It has people looking anywhere from Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians to a little cute schoolchild. Personally, I think it’s very cute and it is one of the trends that you can afford to invest in because it rears its head on the high street every summer ( I love a recurring trend).Having said that, this year it just seems to have exploded everywhere (or maybe this is the first time that I’m actually paying attention). The great thing this year is that the trend is not only available in the classic black and white colour but retailers are actually having fun with it and creating different colour combinations. For example, look at this one from pretty little thing (linked here).It’s in this pretty stone colour for those people who don’t like the harshness of black but still want the polka dot effect.

polka dot

(This picture is not mine and has been taken from the Pretty Little Thing Website).

The next choice I have to show you is another stone coloured polka dot combination but this time it is a two piece instead of just one piece and if you have read my post on co-ords , you will know why they are much better than just buying one piece.

polka dot top

(This picture is not mine and has been taken from the Pretty Little Thing Website).

polka dot trousers

(This picture is not mine and has been taken from the Pretty Little Thing Website).

These are just a couple of my favourite picks from online retailers. I actually wanted to talk about a website which I discovered recently. It’s called Nobody’s Child and it has such a beautiful selection of polka dot pieces and because it’s not as popular as the bigger online retailers yet, you have a better chance of finding lovely items in your size still available. They are also available on ASOS but I preferred shopping on the actual website as there was a wider stock selection on there.

With regards to the brand, as far as I can tell it’s a British brand and the clothes were posted directly from London so patronising them is a good way to support British Small Businesses. One of the things I really enjoyed about shopping with them is that It seemed like an absolute luxury experience with a high street price tag (who doesn’t love that). The clothing arrived in what looked like hand stitched brown paper packaging and the receipt was in a beautiful envelope with Nobody’s Child written on it. It felt like I had just got a receipt from Harrods or something so it’s the perfect place to shop when you just want to feel that bit extra special. The only slight criticism I would have is that the clothes don’t seem to be tailored for bigger chested girls so if you have bigger boobs, then you will be better off ordering a bigger size than your usual. (For reference, I’m a C cup and the buttons just about did up over my chest).


The purpose here is to just to excitedly share this new website I discovered whilst searching for the perfect polka dot piece to purchase ( as shown in the photographs of me) because all the nice ones on ASOS kept on selling out in my size before I could get to them (very annoying) but I’m glad because it led me to discover this gem.

I hope you all are as obsessed with polka dots as I am (it would be very awkward if you aren’t) and let me know if you had heard about Nobody’s Child before today. Maybe I’m the one who was left out of the loop. Anyway, make sure you check out the website.

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Crop Top : here

Trousers : here

Polka dot dress I’m wearing : sold out

similar : here


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