How to feel at home whilst on Holiday

How to feel at home whilst on Holiday

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now because as you know I’ve been on a couple of trips recently and I just wanted to talk about this topic. It’s very lovely being able to go on trips and all that but sometimes we can feel homesick.

Personally, I don’t really feel homesick unless it’s a long trip. For example, I stayed in Portugal for 7 days and by the last day, I was more than ready to go home, anything longer than that and I would definitely have missed sleeping in my own bed, being surrounded by my favourite things and so on. However, I know that there are some people who don’t like being away from home very much. Therefore, I hope these little tips will help, if you don’t do them already. I think everyone can benefit from these, whether or not you get homesick because it’ll just help your holiday feel more comfortable than it would feel otherwise. Here goes;

  • Take some of your favourite tea with you : If you’re a habitual tea drinker, this will probably be very comforting for you to have and as most hotel rooms have kettles, all you have to bring is some tea to have a piece of home with you.I am very picky with my tea and rarely like the tea that I see in hotel rooms, so if you’re like me, this tip is for you.


  • Take your favourite scent with you: Now, this is my personal favourite and I do this, not because of feeling homesick tbh but because I’m a memory hoarder. Knowing that a particular perfume was with you on holiday can help bring back those memories whenever you spray it. My perfume of choice for the Portugal trip was Dot by Marc Jacobs and it makes me smile whenever I spray it now (firstly because It was a valentine’s present and secondly because it reminds me of my holiday).


  • Take your favourite stuffed toy : Well , I don’t know what more I can say about this one. If you love to sleep with a cuddly toy, it only makes sense that you will take it on holiday with you. One of my favourite bloggers takes her stuffed toy on holiday and she’s the same age as me. There’s no judgment , we’re all friends here. This post is all about doing whatever will make you feel most comfortable whilst away from your home ( no matter what anybody thinks about it)


  • Take your Bedside Table Picture : Now, this is for those who really want to go the extra mile. Doing this will definitely make you feel like you’re still in your bedroom and as long as it’s a small picture, there should be no problem packing it in your luggage.


  • Take your favourite pyjamas: I’m sure you can see the theme here. I’m basically saying that you should take all your favourite items and everything will be fine. I think that this one is a very important tip though because sometimes, we like to buy new pyjamas for trips and all that. However, I find that there is nothing quite as comfortable as sleeping in your old, well-worn pyjamas and that’s sometimes all you need. Obviously, this depends on the sort of holiday you’re going on. If it’s your first holiday with your partner , you might want to leave pyjamas with ten holes in them at home (Just saying).


Well, that’s me done; I hope you use at least one of these tips on your next holiday. Please feel free to let me know any other tips you personally use to feel at home whilst on holiday down in the comments, I would love to interact with you.

Until next time,

Ciao x



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