Blogger Collaborations vs Celebrity Endorsements.

Blogger Collaborations vs Celebrity Endorsements.

Hello Everyone,

Today I am coming to you from sunny Albufeira, Portugal and I am feeling very inspired to write. Why can’t the weather in England be like this everyday ? Ugh . Anyhoo, typical British rant about the weather over , I would like to share some stuff I’ve been thinking about recently.

Brands have forever been having celebrity ambassadors and this is not a new thing at all. However, I only started paying attention fairly recently. The celebrity endorsements I’m referring to are things like BeyoncĂ© being an ambassador for Pepsi (can we please take a moment for that iconic Super Bowl advert) , Cheryl Cole being one of the faces of L’Oreal and so on. The reason I started paying attention is because brands have begun to work with bloggers in the same way they worked with celebrities ( see Lydia Elise Millen x Elizabeth Arden and Patricia Bright and L’Oreal) . It is such a fabulous development and one that I wholeheartedly endorse.

I love bloggers working with brands because I feel like you actually get a little piece of your favourite bloggers personality or style or home appliance or whatever it is . Human beings love connection and I think it is one of the things that make us human . This is what makes ‘influencer’ collaborations so much better (in my opinion) than the older celebrity style endorsements . When your favourite blogger produces something that they use everyday or creates something in their favourite colour or talks about female friendship after showing their friends multiple times on their channel (the F Word by Lily Pebbles) , it makes sense. As a consumer or subscriber, you feel that bit closer to them when your purchase any one one of these things .

This is very unlike the celebrity type endorsements where I feel like their names are just attached to things that you don’t even know whether they like or not. Having said that, is it really a problem if people attach their names to things they think people might like, as long as it is not harmful in any way? I don’t know.

However, I think the new style of brand collaborations is the future and will give celebrities a run for their money. I say this because I would (and have done) buy that mascara recommended by my favourite blogger after I’ve seen her wear it a few times and I know what sort of lashes she has and so on. On the other hand , I have NEVER before bought a thing just because of a celebrity being on the campaign. Maybe that’s just me .

Okay, so the reason I actually started thinking about this is because a few weeks ago, Boohoo collaborated with Zendaya (whom I love) and I was really excited to finally buy something from a celebrity collab. I went on the website and I was a bit surprised by the clothes tbh. The whole collection wasn’t really what I expected in the sense that I didn’t really think that they looked like the clothes I saw Zendaya wearing.That doesn’t mean that the clothes were any less beautiful , I just didn’t feel like they were her style . That’s when I started thinking about the differences between blogger and celebrity endorsements. If a blogger endorsed anything that wasn’t ‘them’ or in line with their branding, there would be a huge uproar whereas this doesn’t seem to be the case when it comes to celebrities.

However, I did find a couple of pieces that I really loved. I bought this very statement maxi dress with red and white stripes and my boyfriend told me that I looked like a lollipop lady (what do boys know anyway). I still really like it and I made sure to wear it on my last trip to Amsterdam. The only downfall is that because it’s so statement , you might be restricted in where you can wear it to ( if you’re a shy dresser). However, if you’re an ‘overdresser’ like I can be sometimes, it’s the perfect summer dress. It has that 90s feel which is very on trend at the moment because of the bold colours and I felt like such a diva when I wore it.

I guess I have finally bought something because it was a celebrity collab even though that wasn’t ultimately the reason I bought it. Whereas, I’m more likely to buy something just because a blogger I trust recommends it. I would like to know what you all think. Do you think blogger and brand collaborations are so much better than old school celebrity endorsements? Or do you think they’re just the same ?

Until next time,

Ciao x


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  1. boyfriend
    April 27, 2018 / 8:30 am

    Just wanted to clarify the unintended defamation to my fashion commenting credibility. I actually said she looks like a strawberry ice lolly, a very sweet one :).

    Beautiful pictures, great post and look forward to the next one! 🙂

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