Why do I panic when I hear jeans and a nice top?

This is a post that has been simmering and bubbling away inside me for quite a while now to be honest. First of all, I will have to put my hands up right now and say that I don’t love wearing jeans .I feel like I can hear the collective …. *Gasp* . Yes , there is a blogger who exists outside the realms of jeans and a nice jumper. I own two pairs of jeans at the moment and I know this is minuscule compared to a lot of people but I would not know what to do with any more in my collection . I am way more of a dresses and skirts kinda gal ( which as you might have guessed, really sucks for me in the winter)

I also really like shorts and trousers , it’s just denim that I struggle with , I guess. I feel like they don’t suit me . I also always feel underdressed when I’m in jeans. I wish I was one of those girls who could pull off the while ‘model off duty look’ alas I am more like the ‘needs twenty layers of foundation and strategic outfit planning before I can leave the house’ type . Just joking (kinda), I honestly cannot be bothered to wear makeup everyday at the moment , I value my sleep way too much for that. I’m pretty sure that any of my university mates reading this would be very surprised because I always wore makeup at uni (which led to quite a lot of being late for/missing 9am lectures) but times have changed.

Anyway, the point is that I usually feel like I’m just lounging around when I wear jeans. I’m much more of a dress and heels kinda gal when it’s time to go out or at least a jumpsuit or tailored trousers . So, herein lies the dilemma; What the hell do I do when the dress code is ‘jeans and a nice top’? (Tbh the answer is usually overdress even though I don’t believe in the concept).

I was recently faced with this dilemma when planning my work outfits for the week (does anyone else do this? Trust me , it’s a sleep lover’s saviour). I decided that I wanted to wear jeans more, since I work in a pretty relaxed office environment. Obviously no matter how relaxed the dress code is at work, I don’t want to look like I just rolled up in my pyjamas as well so I had to visit the whole ‘jeans and a nice top situation’. It really was a miracle but I found an actual top, (not jumper) that I thought looked pretty decent and I wore it to work. I was a bit unsure but I got so many compliments at work and I was really happy that I wore that outfit.

Now, what’s the point of this post, you may ask? Well, I don’t know…… haha I’m only joking ; I think the point is that we should not let sartorial choices that are outside our comfort zone scare us too much. Fashion is supposed to be experimental and fun and frighten you a little but not too much. That’s one of the reasons I love fashion so much, I feel like it gives you the chance to be a different person every day if you so please . Some people love acting , I love clothes ( I don’t know what to tell ya, dressing up can be a lot like acting methinks). I really enjoyed experimenting with my style when I was a bit younger but now I feel like I’m way more afraid to try ‘strange’ things and I’m pretty sure this ties into the whole body confidence thing as well.

I stopped wearing jeans for a long time because I was just certain that I looked horrible in them. Possibly because I have indented hips or indent – a – hip as Patricia Bright would say. However, it’s probably something that only I would normally notice in myself, even though I’ve put it on the internet and everyone will notice it now *face palm*. Having said that, I feel like I’m finally ready to tackle some new denim styles (in small doses though) and perhaps one day I will be writing a post about finding my perfect pair of jeans ( probably best if you don’t hold your breath).

Until then however, I’ll try not to panic whenever some one says “just wear jeans and a nice top”.



  1. ashton
    April 5, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    I always feel like my butt is going to pop out when I wear jeans

    • theadalifestyle
      April 11, 2018 / 7:17 am

      I know exactly what you mean xx

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