The Perfect Little Black​ Dress

The Perfect Little Black​ Dress

perfect little black dressHello everyone, now we are well and truly in the middle of party season and many of us have already done our shopping for parties and all of that. Well, this post is for those like me who are and haven’t got their New Year’s Day outfit sorted yet. It is also for the people who have been searching for that perfect black dress.

I will admit that sometimes when it comes to fashion, I like to play it safe. The epitome of safe when it comes to party dresses is ‘the little black dress’. It is always a good choice because you know you’ll look lovely without too much effort. This post is also here to cater to those people who have been struggling to find the perfect black dress that is also a standout piece. Well, today is your lucky day folks because I have gone out and I have searched the shops and interwebs and guess what? I found it.perfect little black dress

I first spotted it on the Instagram page of Fisayo Longe, who is a very daring fashion blogger I’ve been following for quite a while now. She has a fashion label called Kai Collective and they have the most stunning pieces in their collection. It is great because whilst the clothes are in the mid-price range, they are luxurious quality. I have been eyeing the Timoni dress (as seen above) for a very long time, but I am always a bit hesitant when it comes to online shopping. This year, once I knew that I was going to be attending an office Christmas party, I finally decided to take the plunge and ordered a couple of items off the site. I have to say that I was very happy I made that decision. They communicated very well from the start to finish and it was signed for delivery so I knew my parcel was always safe.

Anyway, onto the arrival of the dress: First of all, the moment I felt the fabric, I knew that I was in love. It is made of the softest velvety fabric in a beautiful charcoal colour. As I immediately put it on – because as we all know I’m impatient when it comes to trying on clothes – it fell into place nicely. It’s also the perfect length for a variety of heights but if you are petite, you might have to get it taken up a bit as it is a floor length dress. The fit was lovely, even though I’ve been a bit body conscious recently, this dress really made me feel confident and attractive. The fabric drapes across your tummy area in a way that makes it extremely flattering, especially for those of us without washboard abs. It is also criss-crossed at the back so you can show off your back as well – if you want to. IMG_6894

It also has a thigh-high split which might be a bit risqué for some people, but this can be easily rectified by a well-placed safety pin or by getting out the ‘black needle and thread’. All-in-all, I definitely enjoyed wearing this dress to the party, and I will be wearing it again – just because it is just that fabulous. I obviously wore it as a dressed up piece because I was going to party. However, this dress can certainly be dressed down by pairing it with an oversized denim jacket or vintage shirt and trainers of your choice. On this occasion, I paired mine with heels from IMG_6929missguided just to add a glamorous vibe to the whole outfit. I can guarantee you that this dress will turn heads and make you stand out in the crowd. It is especially attractive because it’s from a smaller brand and you won’t see it on every high street. Who doesn’t love wearing something different from the rest?

Anyway, I hope you check out kaicollective. Let’s support all the girl bosses making good moves this year and in the future. You could also get a fabulous item of clothing in the process. Sounds like a win-win to me.


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Until next time, Ciao x


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