A Tale of Pink Ice and Polishes


Hello everyone, Party season is upon us and I am here to share my favourite way of getting a quick makeover. I have always loved painting my nails and the instant lift it can give you. As far as I am concerned, it is the cheapest and quickest form of makeover you can get. You don’t have to buy a new outfit, once your nails are done, you will feel like a million bucks.

My friends can attest to the fact that I was a bit of a tyrant concerning this matter. I would always try to get them to polish their nails regularly (haha, even against their will). That being said, it is honestly a very relaxing thing to do and an often overlooked form of cheap , self pampering. If you did want to go for a total self indulgence, then a proper manicure at a nail salon is just what the doctor ordered.

We do not have to go that far though, because painting your nails yourself can be equally therapeutic. Now,I shall attempt to get to to the actual point (lol). As it is the festive season, we all know how all the sparkly dresses come out to play. Let us not forget that our nails can be dressed to party as well. Barry M have come out with this new molten metal range that is just a dream to brush onto your fingers and toes. My particular favourite is the shade ‘pink ice’ because I wouldn’t be a millennial if I wasn’t obsessed with everything pink. Seriously though, the consistency is amazing. It just glides on and although you do need a base coat because it is metallic, you could very well go out with only one coat of the actual polish. I have been wearing it non stop since I purchased it and have just painted my nails a little while before writing this piece.image3.jpeg

Please pardon my shoddy application because although I am a nail polish lover, I am still no expert at actually painting the nails on my right hand properly. The left, I can do but Lord help me, I might need an assistant just for painting the nails on my right hand. Anyhoo, I just wanted to share the fact that I have been loving dressing my nails up this season. I would also like to inform you that it is a total bargain  in your local Boots at under £5 because Barry  M make beautiful, affordable nail polishes for us all. Even if you’re not a fan of millennial pink, do check out the molten metal range and you might find something that appeals to you.

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