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Hello everybody, I decided that I wanted to post more frequently and I was just randomly surfing the web to find some inspiration. While doing that, I found this prompt to write about dancing. This immediately sent me down memory lane and inspired flashbacks to the beginning of my relationship with dance.

I remember being  a young girl, watching my older cousin twist and writhe to music and I was totally enthralled, wondering how exactly she could make her body move like that. She noticed  my interest and taught me how to move like her, giving me the tip of putting one foot slightly in front of the other whilst balancing on the tiptoes of that front foot. This somehow led to better waist movements in general (yeah, I can’t explain it either). It was also the beginning of my love affair with dance

I would dance in any free time that I had. It became my skill, it was and still remains the first thing that I was ever confident about. In secondary school, I would take part in little class dancing competitions and would almost always win. Now, I’m writing this not to brag but to remind my now fairly insecure self that I can actually excel at something. My obsession led me to a dance group at school, where we choreographed and performed our own routines, mostly to hip hop and r n b songs.

That time in my life gave me some of the fondest memories and I dunno why but writing about it now brings tears to my eyes. It’s incredible how so many of the fantastic parts of our childhood are left behind in the bid to practice adulting. Sometimes, that carefree attitude that childhood gives you is a blessing we need to try holding on to more. One of the best things ever said is ‘DANCE LIKE NOBODY’S WATCHING’ because only then will you truly experience the freedom and joy that dance brings .A lot of people will never understand this freedom and that truly saddens me . It has always made me very happy and on tough days at university, I would dance in front of my mirror and immediately feel cheered up and like the world is mine once again. Unfortunately, now in my twenties, I do not dance as much as I used to and am therefore no longer as flexible or arguably as happy as I used to be . Nevertheless,  it is a part of me that has always provided joy. Perhaps, this post will re – inspire me to find a new dance group to join and regain that joyfulness once more.

However, in the meantime I encourage everyone to try putting on some leggings, turning up the music and just shaking all those worries away. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have perfect rhythm, just do it. Your soul will create all the rhythm you need and you’ll be amazed how doing something you might consider silly will change your life forever .


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    November 10, 2017 / 7:39 am

    I totally relate! (The twisting and writhing I’m not so sure, I grew up a street dancer) Lool. Great write up girl!

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